choose your option for food
dos pebrots festival menu 120€ (vat included, drinks not included)
dos pebrots tasting menu 85€ (vat included, drinks not included)
menú dos pebrots 75€ (vat included, drinks not included)
I don't want to choose a set menu; I'd like to spend
the guest can choose to spend this quantity on whatever they prefer,
a la carte or with the set menu, or as a discount on the final bill.

choose your option for drinks

the guest can decide how to spend this money: bottles, maridage, water, coffee, tea, cocktails...

how do you wish to receive the gift voucher?

If you want, you can send the gift voucher directly to the guest,

personal details of buyer and guest

personal details of buyer

personal details of guest

For identification purposes only, the gift voucher or proof of purchase will not be sent

please remember
the guest will have to call or send an email to dos pebrots to make the booking.

for the security of the buyer and the guest, when we confirm the booking, we will check the guest's personal details to ensure that they have received a gift voucher.

we would like you to keep in mind that because we only work with fresh and seasonal products, some dishes on the set menu can vary, but always respecting the main structure of the menu.

our gift vouchers are valid for one year, but we understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise. please, do not hesitate to contact us.

non-refundable or cancelable.