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The domain is the property of the company: 

Tax ID: B66498544
Address: C/ Doctor Dou, 19, 08001 Barcelona
Telephone:+34 938 539 598

Intellectual and industrial property: 
The entire content of this Website s protected by industrial and intellectual property rights. The public reproduction, communication or distribution of material included in this Website is prohibited without the express authorisation of "Ichi Ni San, S.L." 


Scope of the personal data protection policy 
This personal data protection policy covers the processing of data which may be collected during face-to-face consultations, in navigating or interacting in any of our WEB pages or any social networks we may use (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). At the end of this document there is specific information regarding the use of social networks. This will also be applied to any internal company procedure which requires data collection, whether in paper format or otherwise. 
On any of these platforms, you can check information, and in some cases fill out forms, participate in surveys, take part in competitions, ask questions, send photographs, make comments, etc. ... and, also, provide us with your personal details. All processing is subject to our privacy policy. 

Who is responsible for processing your personal details? 
In compliance with that set out in Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Committee on 27th April 2016, the personal details you provide us with will be processed by ICHI NI SAN, S.L., VAT No. B66498544, registered address C/ Doctor Dou, 19, 08001 Barcelona

Who is the Personal Details Protection Delegate? 
The Personal Details Protection Delegate is the person in charge of protecting the fundamental right to personal details protection at ICHI NI SAN, S.L. and ensures compliance with the regulation on data protection. The Personal Details Protection Delegate can be contacted at the following address: 

Which Personal Details are collected and for what purpose? 
Below are details of the personal details processed and end purpose. 
Service: Bookings o restauration services
Details: Name, surname, telephone, address, E-mail, personal, professional, intolerances, allergens, preferences, satisfaction.
Purpose and Legitimisation: Lending of the service contracted, legitimized by the contractual relationship and/or by consent being given
Recipients: Provided by Law

Service: Information of events, products or services
Details: Mail, telephone
Purpose and Legitimisation: Sending information legitimized by consent given.
Recipients: ICHI NI SAN, S.L.


If, in providing a particular service, sensitive data needs to be processed, this will always be done in full compliance with the law. Your consent can be revoked at any time. 

Why do we use your personal details? 
Below is an explanation of the legal basis which permits us to process your personal details.

  • When complying with a contractual relationship.

  • When you give us your consent.

  • When ICHI NI SAN, S.L. has a legitimate interest in promoting services, products and initiatives which may be of interest.

  • When complying with legal obligations.

You are reminded that you can revoke your consent at any time at the following address:

Publishing photos or videos on the Website or on Social Networks 
In order to publish photographs or videos of our staff, clients, users or minors on the Website or Social Media, as well as when collecting data for competitions or processing any other personal data, we obtain the explicit, indisputable and informed consent from the owner which, in the case of a those under 14, is given by the parents or legal guardians. 
The processing of these photos is in line with the principle of proportionality, in other words, they are only used for the purpose for which consent was given. 

Non-belong data 
ICHI NI SAN, S.L. warn the user that, unless legal representation has been granted, no user can identify themselves as another and provide that person’s details; the user must bear in mind that he/she can only provide his/her own personal details and that these should be adequate, pertinent, current, exact and true. 

How long will we keep your details? 
ICHI NI SAN, S.L. keep your Personal Details while they are necessary for the purpose for which they were compiled. If the guideline is different from that indicated in this policy it will be detailed in the pertinent document. 

To whom will we provide your details? 
ICHI NI SAN, S.L. will only provide your personal details for the purposes indicated and in cases where there is a provision in law to do so. Your personal details will not be shared internationally. 
In the case of Social Networks, all information and content published by the user will be subject to communication and shared with the other users of this Social Network, by the very nature of the service. 

Security Measures 
ICHI NI SAN, S.L. ensure the total confidentiality and privacy of the personal details collected and therefore they have adopted essential security measures to prevent unauthorised alteration, loss, processing or access and thus guarantee their integrity and security. 
The User undertakes to be diligent and not provide third parties with their username and password; likewise he/she promises to inform the company of any theft, loss or risk of access related to said 

What are your rights when you provide us with your personal details? 
Right: Access
Content: You will be able to consult your personal details managed by ICHI NI SAN, S.L.

Right: Rectification
Content: You can modify your personal details when these are incorrect.

Right: Removal
Content: You can request your personal details be removed.

Right: Opposition
Content: You can request that your personal details are not used.

Right: Limitation of treatment
Content: You can request that your personal details are treated in a limited manner in the following cases:

  • While the accuracy of your details isbeing checked after being disputed.

  • When ICHI NI SAN, S.L. do not need to use your details but you need them to exercise or defend claims.

Right: Portability
Content: You can receive in electronic format the details you have given us electronically.

Means of Contact:

  • In person: C/ Doctor Dou, 19, 08001 Barcelona

  • On line:

If you believe we have not processed your personal details in accordance with the law, you can complain to the Spanish Data Protection Agency ( 
To exercise your rights, your request must be accompanied by a copy of your National Identity Document or a document which proves your identity. 
There is no cost involved in exercising your rights. 

Social Networks 
The operating of social networks is not under the control of ICHI NI SAN, S.L. and therefore all information published will be shared by all users who log on and consult them. Likewise, these networks permit user interaction consequently, below, we set out some premises which should be taken into account. 
The reason for using social networks is to increase visibility and awareness of the services offered by ICHI NI SAN, S.L. 
In principle the same data protection policy outlined in this document is applied in relation to the collecting, use and ceding of data. 
The user must agree: 

  • Not to publish information which is untrue, is not in the public interest and does not respect the dignity of others. In particular, the user must avoid all conduct which goes against the principle of non-discrimination on the grounds of sex, race, religion, ideology or any other personal or social circumstances and contravenes privacy, honour and image, with the user being ultimately responsible for the veracity and legality of the content he/she publishes.

  • Not to record or publish images, videos or any other material without the consent of those involved.

ICHI NI SAN, S.L. do not identify with the opinions expressed by others or with the ideology of the profiles with which they interact on any social network. 

ICHI NI SAN, S.L. reserve the right to delete from their social networks, any information published by others which violates the law, incites others to do so or contains messages which attack the dignity of others or institutions. As well as block or report the author of those messages. 
User recommendations: 

  • Review and read the general conditions of use and the privacy policy of the social network at the time of registration.

  • Learn the configuration and use options offered by the social network.

  • Adequately configure the level of privacy of the user profile on the social network.

  • Do not publish excessive information about your personal and family life.

  • Be careful when publishing audiovisual and graphic content on your profile, especially if you are storing images of third parties.

  • Do not give out details of third parties without their prior consent.

The social networks managed by ICHI NI SAN, S.L. are: 
Social Network: Facebook

Social Network: Instagram

Cookies policy

Pursuant to Spanish Information Society and e-Commerce Services Act 34/2002 of 11 July, you are hereby informed of the use of cookies on our website ( in order to streamline and improve user browsing, to inform us of the areas browsed on the website, your user name when registering and your viewer preferences and configurations, offering each user any information that may be of interest. 

What are cookies? 
A cookie is a file that is downloaded to your device (PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.) when you visit certain websites. Among other things, cookies enable a website to store and recover information on the browser habits of a user or of his/her equipment and, depending on the information they contain and the way in which the equipment is used, they may be used to recognise the user. 

What type of cookies does this portal use? 
Cookies may be in-house (those sent to the user terminal from a system or domain managed by the editor, from where the user-requested service is provided) or belong to others (those sent to the user terminal from a system or domain that is not managed by the editor but by another entity that processes the data obtained through the cookies). 

The cookies specifically used by our website are: 
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Description: Technical cookie to maintain the user-selected language throughout the session and the data selected during navigation.

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Description: Technical cookie to maintain the user-selected language throughout the session and the data selected during navigation.

If you consent to the use of cookies, continue browsing or click on a link, you will be considered to have agreed to the use of the aforementioned cookies, the conditions contained in this Cookies Policy and, therefore, their installation in your equipment or device.

Withdraw my consent 
Cookies are used for several reasons. From a technical viewpoint, they enable websites to run more flexibly and in line with your preferences, such as storing your language or the currency of your country. They also help those responsible for the websites to improve the services they offer, thanks to the statistical information collected through them. 

However, should you wish to withdraw your consent related to this Cookies Policy at any time, you should delete the cookies stored in your equipment (PC or mobile device) through the settings and configurations of your internet browser. 

The consequences of withdrawing this consent are as follows: 

The correct working order of some of the functions of the website ( are no longer guaranteed. 

Disabling and blocking cookies 
If the installation of cookies is blocked or not accepted, certain services may not be available without them or it may not be possible to access certain services or get the most out of everything our websites and apps have to offer. 

Some links to information on how to enable your preferences in the main browsers is given below: 
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Changes in the Cookies Policy 
We might update the Cookies Policy of our website and, therefore, we recommend you review this policy whenever you visit our website so that you remain suitably informed as to how and why we use cookies. 

Should you have any doubts, comments or suggestions on the Cookies Policy, please contact us at the e-mail address 

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